Automation Now: Turnkey Automation, Electrical, Security, and HVAC Solutions

Automated systems have come a long way in the last 20 years, but they still require a high level of expertise in many different areas to get the job done right. You need to understand processes, electrical design services, networking, programming, panel building – and have the creative vision to be able to bring it all together in one cost-effective, efficient system.

You need Automation Now.

February 2009 News: We have been featured as the cover story titled "Clearly Superior" in the International Society of Automation, InTech magazine for this month
Take a look at this project for a quick read, Bare Point Water Treatment Plant - Wonderware Success Story
Or watch the 10 minute video of our work. Bare Point Water Treatment Plant - Video
Automation Now is a leading provider of automated processes and electrical systems primarily serving Canada and the US Midwest. As a Certified Service Provider and Dealer of the world’s biggest names in automation and electrical like Eaton, G.E., Johnson Controls, and Rockwell, Automation Now provides innovative customized turnkey solutions for the industrial and municipal sectors including:
  • Fully automated processes including hardware installation and software programming
  • Advanced electrical systems and building controls
  • Integrated security and safety systems
  • Automated HVAC systems

Automation Now also supports these systems with “full circle” services from design and implementation to technical support, training, upgrading, and emergency services. We are one of the few companies in North America who offer all of these services under one roof, reducing the number of demarcation issues you may encounter as well as the amount of “project management and coordination” you would inevitably experience.

With Automation Now, you can expect less unscheduled downtime, more cost-efficient systems, and greater technical and emergency support.
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